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Whilst many of us will be planning our staycations this Summer, recess provides a crucial opportunity for.

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Plaid Cymru General Election 2017 Manifesto – Defending Wales

In launching their manifesto in their target seat of the Rhondda, Plaid Cymru have pitched their policy platform as an ‘Action Plan’ rather than a manifesto due to what they see as the immediate threats imposed by the Conservatives. Accepting the inevitability of a Tory majority, they are hoping to position themselves as the party to protect Wales’ interests and be Wales’ voice in the crucial Brexit discussions in the months and years ahead.

There are three key policies, defending the powers devolved to the Assembly from a ‘power grab’; defending the economy by ensuring Westminster steps in with funding when European funding ceases; and defending our people by investing in infrastructure – hospitals, railways, roads, schools and homes, reinforcing their pledge from the Assembly election last year.

They state that the full range of policies from their previous General Election and Assembly Election Manifestos are still relevant and their Action Plan outlines a number of devolved and non-devolved areas.

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